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Licensing terms

Below are the terms for licenses issued at www.gar.no and additional local domains (hereafter 'the Web site').

Software License

The software comes with an Agreement for a Software License. If this agreement conflicts with the licensing terms, the Agreement for a Software License take precedence.

By installing G&R software and/or by using G&R services, you accept that you have read and agree with the terms of this agreement and you accept as binding on yourself those provisions of the present agreement that are applicable to the relevant products and services from G&R, its wholly or partly owned subsidiaries and/or representatives. You are therefore advised to read carefully the agreement in its entirety. To read the Agreement for Software License click here.


The license fee in force is the fee stated on the Web site.


You will see the order on screen. This order has to be accepted. After you have clicked Confirm order, you must choose the payment method, either Visa or MasterCard, and enter the credit/debit card number, expiration month/year and verification code. The agreement is binding when you have confirmed the payment.


An e-mail will be sent immediately to confirm the order. It will contain a URL to the G&R software download page together with an activation key. If the software is ordered on a CD it will be sent out the next working day. If the item is not in stock, or there is a delay for any other reason, G&R will contact you.

G&R Support Agreement

The G&R support agreement is found here.


If you have any complaints, you can contact G&R by sending e-mail to gar@gar.no.

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