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Host application access from standard browsers, with no host changes?

Your legacy applications on your mainframe systems generally require that users install a terminal emulator in order to have access to your core business applications. By web-enabling these legacy applications you can achieve cost of operation savings and open new business opportunities:

  • Replace terminal emulators for all non-specialist users
  • Extend access to casual users in your own business
  • Provide access to external users: suppliers, customers, subscribers

Gallagher & Robertson GlinkWeb & Gweb are two quality products that web-enable your legacy applications immediately on installation, with absolutely no disruption of your production environment. There are no changes at all required in your legacy systems. Your specialist users with terminal emulators continue to work as before, but your applications become available to whole new user groups; who require nothing more than the browser on their desktop in order to benefit from access to your core business applications.

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