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G&R » Solutions » PC-to-Host » Glink Release 8.4 Professional and Enterprise Editions available  

Glink Release 8.4 Professional and Enterprise Editions available

Gallagher & Robertson are proud to announce Glink Release 8.4. This release is fully qualified on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. It has been certified under the Microsoft "Windows 8 Compatible" logo program.

The Professional Edition is available for download and evaluation from our 'Resources' area. It can also be purchased on-line from our web-shop.

This is a significant release of Glink. It demonstrates once again G&R's continuing commitment to development on new hardware and operating system platforms and timely delivery of state of the art products to our customers. It introduces:

  • Windows 8 qualification and approval
  • Windows Server 2012 qualification
  • New Internet lookup functionality
  • User distribution enhancements
  • Script enhancements
  • IBM 5250 emulation enhancements

Glink information pages | Product sheet | Brochure

Release 8.4 highlights

New Windows platforms

Windows 8 qualification and approval

This release has been qualified on Windows 8 and has been certified under the Microsoft "Windows 8 Compatible" logo program.

Windows Server 2012 qualification

This release has been qualified on the Windows Server 2012.

New Internet lookup functionality

A new internet lookup functionality has been added to the context sensitive menu (the menu shown when the Glink page is right-clicked). This lookup function takes the text you've marked on the Glink screen and feeds it to a choice of several social media and search engines. For example you can mark an address and feed it directly into Google maps. Or you can mark a name and look it up directly in Facebook.

User distribution enhancements

Script files using the .scr extension contained in a package build for user distribution are renamed to use .scrgl as part of the install process. This behavior can now be overridden by specifying NOSCRGL as a command in the PACKING.LST file.

The uninstall program GLUNINST that performs uninstall for user-built distribution packages now also uninstalls the Glink license and also deactivates it if it has been activated.

The uninstall program can be run in silent mode (using /SILENT as a command line option) for use with unattended uninstalls.

Script enhancements

A new script command FNDEXEC can be used to find the full path to the executable that is associated with the file type of the specified file name.

A new script command FVERSION provides version information for the specified executable file.

IBM 5250 emulation enhancements

The support for Double Byte Character Sets (DBCS) like Simplified Chinese (PRC-GBK), Traditional Chinese (Taiwan-Big5), Japanese (Shift-JIS) and Korean (Hangeul) has been greatly improved in the IBM 5250 emulation.

Miscellaneous enhancements

The Ggate interface now supports NVT as a known terminal type.

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