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IBM access

Gallagher & Robertson IBM host access from Open Systems platforms is based on IBM 3270, IBM 5250 and IBM 3151 terminal emulation, and Application Programming Interfaces.

G&R/Glink is a powerful tool for access to IBM hosts. Glink has the emulations you need, and the additional features that make Glink a strong competitor in the IBM emulator market. The Glink API offers you an easy path to development of client-side or server-side applications that make your legacy applications a resource for the develpers building your future applications.

Glink for Windows and Glink for Java, the G&R terminal emulators for Windows and Java platforms, offer:

  • IBM 3270 emulation connecting by TN3270 or TN3270E
  • IBM 3179G graphics
  • IBM 3287-1 printer emulation
  • IBM 5250 emulation connecting by TN5250
  • IBM 3151 for character mode connections
  • IBM host print output to the emulations
  • Glink API for giving your own applications access to the IBM mainframe applications
  • HLLAPI for giving your own applications access to the IBM mainframe applications (Glink for Windows)
  • File transfer using the IND$FILE protocol (Glink for Windows)
  • Glink/FTP for high-speed file transfer between the workstations and application platforms (Glink for Windows)

GlinkWeb running on a Windows .NET or a Java Servlet enabled web server offers the same text mode terminal emulations to browser users, giving access to host applications from a standard desktop, without installation of any software other than a standard browser.

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