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Bull access

Gallagher & Robertson Bull host access from Open Systems platforms is based on Bull VIP and Bull DKU terminal emulation, and Application Programming Interfaces. For connecting the emulators or your own applications we offer our own gateway product that additionally supports third-party emulations and applications that connect using Telnet or TNVIP.

For connecting G&R/Glink, third-party emulations and your own applications to Bull mainframe systems Gallagher & Robertson offer two unbeatable solutions.

Ggate is a 100% software solution that allows you to replaces proprietary gateways or Bull front-ends with Open Systems gateways that support the same range of clients.

DGA (Direct GCOS Access) is a 100% software solution that users of G&R clients can license on their workstation in order to access Bull hosts directly, without passing through any kind of front-end or gateway.

G&R/Glink is a powerful tool for access to Bull hosts. Glink has the emulations you need, and the additional features that make Glink a market leader in the Bull emulator market. The Glink API offers you an easy path to development of client-side or server-side applications that make your legacy applications a resource for the developers building your future applications.

Glink for Windows and Glink for Java, the G&R terminal emulators for Windows and Java platforms, offer:

  • Bull VIP7800, text or character mode, 72 line, 132 column, TSM8 local forms
  • Bull DKU, text and character models, colour model, TCS local forms
  • Bull host print to VIP and DKU emulations
  • Glink API for giving your own applications access to the Bull mainframe applications
  • UVTI for giving your own applications access to the Bull mainframe applications (Glink for Windows)
  • Bull UFT (DGA required), Kermit, MICROFIT, FTRAN, GKRM file transfer (Glink for Windows)
  • Glink/FTP for high-speed file transfer between the workstations and application platforms (Glink for Windows)

GlinkWeb running on a Windows .NET or a Java Servlet enabled web server offers the same text mode terminal emulations to browser users, giving access to host applications from a standard desktop, without installation of any software other than a standard browser.

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