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Gproxy provides high performance, high availability access to your Bull mainframe systems.

Gproxy offers load balancing, backup, recovery and monitoring for the following Host Links products:

  • Ggate is acclaimed as the most performant gateway to Bull systems for Glink and other terminal emulators
  • Gweb is widely acknowledged to be a highly performant tool for web-enabling any Bull or IBM mainframe application
  • Glink for Java is a leading Java-based terminal emulator

If your need is to combine this performance with high availability then you should spread your Ggate, Gweb and Glink for Java licenses over two or more systems, and install a copy of Gproxy on each system.

Gproxy is the principal Host Links network management component. Its primary function is to monitor all G&R Host Links products in your network by analyzing statistical information that is periodically distributed by these products. In a network with several Host Links systems, each Gproxy knows the status of all the systems in the network and immediately detects problems, e.g. if one of the systems goes down, or if Ggate, Gweb or the Glink for Java server on a system is terminated. Using this knowledge Gproxy offers you load balancing, backup, recovery and monitoring services.

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