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Host Links includes a set of server based emulations. These can be used to map commodity terminals to mainframe terminal functionality, allowing users of commodity terminals logged into a UNIX or Linux server to access legacy mainframe applications.

Qsim transforms the UNIX or Linux system into what appears to the Bull host as a synchronous Questar terminal cluster, controlled by the terminal manager in a Bull front-end. Qsim emulates all Questar models, including the DKU7007, DKU7107, DKU7105 and DKU7211 (Mono, four colour A/B and seven colour modes are supported). It also emulates the VIP7760 and the VIP7700.

V78sim provides VIP78xx (BDS) functionality. It emulates all models of the VIP7800 family; the actual reference is the BDS7. All visual attributes including colour are supported. Like the VIP78xx terminal series V78sim runs in character (echoplex or not), text and forms mode. It is normally used in text mode when connecting to GCOS7 or GCOS8 mainframes. It is normally used in character mode with echoplex when connecting to GCOS6/HVX .

G3270 transforms any UNIX or Linux platform into a 3270 cluster. G3270 emulates IBM LU type 2, including base and extended colour together with extended highlighting. Programmed symbols are not supported.

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