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GlinkWeb version for .NET is available

The .NET version of GlinkWeb is now avail­able, and can be down­loaded by distri­bu­tors for instal­lation on production sites.

GlinkWeb is a server-side version of Glink. It combines a browser front-end with the Glink terminal emulation engines to connect browser users to legacy applications written for a terminal interface. The legacy application screens are mapped to HTML 'on-the-fly'. Browser users see the screens in their browser window, giving them 'terminal like' access to the legacy applications. You can replace your terminal emulators! Web enabling using GlinkWeb needs no changes whatsoever to the legacy applications. Once GlinkWeb is installed on the web server, browser users can be given access to any legacy application.

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ASP.NET version of GlinkWeb

GlinkWeb is now available as an ASP.NET Web application that runs under the control of a Web Application Server with ASP.NET support such as Microsoft's Internet Information Server.

A Virtual Directory on your IIS Web server is more or less all that is needed to set up GlinkWeb on your Web server. The quick guide, displayed at installation time, describes how to do this. Once you have configured access to your business applications with the Glink Administration utility, you can run them from your browser. GlinkWeb will generate automatic facelifting for the application screens.

The development phase is greatly simplified by running GlinkWeb as a Web site within Visual Studio 2005 (or Visual Web Developer 2005 Express). Just select the project file in the delivery to run GlinkWeb from within Visual Studio. You then have easy access to both the Web Forms pages delivered and the ones generated by the GlinkWeb Forms Assistant. Syntax checking and debugging facilities are provided to help you to build your new GlinkWeb application.

As with the Java version ASP.NET GlinkWeb converts business application screens into web pages. It uses ASP.NET Web Form pages to generate the output. You do basic facelifting by adjusting these to give a custom view of the application.

You do more advanced facelifting using the GlinkWeb Forms Assistant to step through a business application and identify the screens to be facelifted. The Assistant generates a Web Form Page for each screen identified, which becomes responsible for generating the output to the client. The Web Form pages can then be modified to give a custom view of the application, quite divorced from the look and feel of the original screens. The Web Form page interacts with GlinkWeb through the GlinkPage API to access parts or all of the screen data. A Web Form Page can also simulate user input and therefore bypass specific screens when convenient.

The configuration system is the same as for the Glink Java version. The Glink Java Administration utility is therefore delivered with this product together with the Glink Java client for your convenience.

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