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GlinkWeb consists of a browser front-end interfacing with the proven Glink emulation engines to give browser users terminal-like access to legacy applications. GlinkWeb utilizes the GlinkAPI to interface to the emulations engines in either the Windows ASP.NET or Java Server Page environments.

The Java version of GlinkWeb can be installed on Java Servlet-enabled Web servers such as Tomcat. The Windows version can be installed on ASP.NET-enabled Web servers that use the Microsoft .NET Framework. Both give the same basic functionality immediately after installation. As soon as you have configured access to your host applications, you can access these from a web browser. GlinkWeb converts your legacy application screens to Web pages. The look and feel is similar to the standard Glink and the configuration of mainframe applications can be shared between Glink users and GlinkWeb users.

GlinkWeb supports automatic and tailor-made facelifting. Your choice of the Windows or Java version depends on your preferred platform, especially if you intend enhancing your legacy applications by facelifting, because facelifting in GlinkWeb is accomplished by programming in the Windows ASP.NET web forms or Java Server Page development environments.

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