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GlinkWeb facelifting

Use GlinkWeb to web-enable your host applications and facelift the application screens. Facelifting is done programmatically in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

GlinkWeb converts host applications screens into web pages using Java Server Pages (JSP) or Windows ASP.NET Web Forms to generate the output. These can be tailored to include your own wallpaper, images, logos and text.

The Java Server Pages or Windows ASP.NET Web Forms interact with GlinkWeb through the GlinkPage API to access part or all of the data in the legacy application screen.

GlinkWeb supports two levels of facelifting, Session and Screen. Session facelifting uses a single Java Server Page or Windows ASP.NET Web Form to generate the output. All you need to do is to update this page with your own wallpaper and logos. The legacy application screen data is inserted in its entirety to give the browser user a complete HTML image of the current legacy application screen.

More advanced facelifting is available with screen facelifting. Using the GlinkWeb Forms Assistant you can step through your business application to identify the screens that you would like to facelift.

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