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County of Genesee

The County Board of Commissioners wanted to web-enable its District Court application to make 'public information' available for internal and external access, in order to cut down on the number of citizen inquiries by telephone for Court information and the number of internal telephone inquiries resulting from them. The Bull e-Business team used Gweb Professional to generate Docket inquiry and Docket balance presentations that are easy to read and visually appealing. All without changes to the GCOS application. Download in Acrobat format

The County of Genesee provides county government administration and government operations to over 440,000 citizens in southeastern Michigan. As home to District Court 67, the County maintains all records related to County Court activity such as traffic tickets, misdemeanor crimes and arrest warrants.

Genesee county

Better Access to Governmental Services

In 1999, under the leadership and direction of the Genesee County Board of Commissioners, a strategic plan was developed and implementation of a set of goals and objectives was initiated. One of those goals was to provide citizens with better access to governmental services.

Citizens First

The County Board of Commissioners selected its District Court application to be web-enabled. The County wanted to see how some of the "public information" could be made available for internal and external access. Citizen inquiries for Court information are numerous and often result in additional internal calls. To save time and phone calls, the Court looked at the web as a contemporary approach to provide the citizen with information.

The Bull e-Business team went to work using GwebPro software as the web-enabling tool. First, the team created the log-on and connection HTML. Next, a Docket submenu with hyperlinks to other TP8 transactions was built. The Bull team generated a Docket inquiry and a Docket balance HTML emphasizing colors, tables, error display and radio buttons to make the presentation easy to read and visually appealing.

To help citizens navigate through the application, Bull applied an attractive background design, used radio buttons for selection of options, dropdown lists for specific entry of data and action buttons in place of function keys on the keyboard. All that with no changes to the application!

A Future Path to the Web

Not only does the County believe web-enabling provided a better presentation of the Court data, it triggered further thoughts on how to bring more information to each screen.

In addition to the Court, other County applications are being considered for web-enabling and citizen access.

"With the requirement to move to Electronic Government, and to do it quickly, we are faced with the challenge of how to make the transformation timely and effectively.

Bull proposed that we take advantage of a rapid approach that would prove out the concept of web enabling our existing applications. This approach was very attractive to us because it could start with minimal effort on our part, enhanced by professional services from Bull, and we could see preliminary results within days of initiating the effort.

We were amazed with the results... not only the IT organization but also the courts personnel, and so on. We've already begun to review our applications for follow-on candidates."

Richard E. Hammel,
Genesee County
Board of Commissioners

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