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Glink 8.1a beta is available

This is your chance to qualify R8.1 of Glink Professional. The beta versions of Glink Professional Edition and Glink Enterprise Edition are available for download and test from our distributors.

If you are waiting for functionality in R8.1 of Glink, you should test the beta to be sure that it is working for you.


This is a significant release of Glink. It introduces:

  • Windows Vista qualification and approval
  • GlinkWeb and GlinkAPI for .NET
  • UTF-8 encoding for transmission/reception
  • Many new IBM 3270 keyboard functions
  • IBM colour enhancements
  • IBM 3270 transparent PCL print
  • IBM 5250 'host print transform'
  • FTP recursive directory upload and download

Previous major release 8.0 | Glink information pages | Product sheet | Brochure

Windows Vista qualification and approval

This release has been qualified on the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and has obtained the Microsoft "Works with Windows Vista" logo.

This release does not support Windows 95 or Windows NT4.

Microsoft terminated support for both these releases some time ago.

Windows Vista and the Windows logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

New functionality for Windows Vista

IPv6 support

Support for IPv6 has been added for all TCP/IP interfaces. IPv6 addresses can be supplied in IPv6 formats or as DNS names.

Vista menus

Glink has been updated to display Vista themed menus.

Vista/XP style variable fields

When available, edit control visual styles are used to display unprotected fields in the emulations, instead of using the 3D look.


The Glink setup program requests Vista admin rights when installing.

NOTE for Glink beta users

Glink help is not available for this beta version when running on Vista as it requires WinHlp32.exe, which is not shipped with the initial release of Windows Vista. Microsoft will make a download available before the official release date of Windows Vista.

New product

Glink Enterprise Edition includes GlinkWeb and GlinkAPI for .NET and Java platforms. NOTE that the GlinkWeb COM+ is deprecated and replaced by these versions.

New functionality


Support for UTF-8 encoding for transmission/reception has been added for for all host communications.

Keyboard transliteration texts

Glink 7/8-bit transliteration files can now be configured with a text description, default texts are applied to the delivered glwink.* files.

Configuration wizard

A new 'wizard' guides you through the initial configuration options when starting Glink for the first time or using the Settings->New... option.

Colour adjustment

The colour adjustment dialog box has been redesigned and uses the standard Windows colour dialog box to select the colours.

Spread font to fit window

If you are using an emulation that allows the host to switch the screen size, for example IBM3278-4 (which can switch between 24 and 43 lines), then this option in the Settings=>Screen=>Font dialog box can be turned off to stop Glink spreading the font, and instead keep its normal size and centre it in the Glink window.

Initial window length

The initial length of the Glink window to be used at startup time can now be preconfigured in Settings=>Screen=>Window attributes, making use of the /Rnn command line option or SET SCREEN LENGTH nn startup script command redundant.

Custom on-screen push buttons

Enhancements have been added to the on-screen Settings=>Sceen=>Facelifting=>Custom buttons to allow wildcard character searching.

Configurable Glink title

An option has been added in Settings=>General to allow you to configure the Glink title bar text.

Minimize to tray

An option has been added in Settings=>Screen=>Window attributes to tell Glink to minimize to the taskbar tray status area.

IND$FILE enhancements

The IBM IND$FILE host command is now configurable, allowing user- written CICS transactions to do file transfers. Transliteration for IND$FILE ASCII transfers can be configured by customers transferring files in various character sets

IBM 3270 keyboard functions

Many new 3270 keyboard functions have been added to allow keyboard configurations to be similar to other 'industry standard' 3270 keyboards: forward/backward/delete word, attribute commands, fast cursor move commands, cursor shape selection.

IBM colour enhancements

A number of enhancements have been made for colour support in IBM emulations: 3270 colour emulations now support setting background colours, default low intensity colours are more readable, black background is the default for 3270/5250 emulation modes.

IBM 3270 transparent PCL print

Support has been added for direct host transparent printing and will automatically switch to Windows (text) print mode if necessary, allowing Windows (GUI) printing to be configured for normal host line printing.

IBM 5250 'host print transform' for transparent print

Support has been added for 'host transform' transparent printing and will automatically switch to Windows (text) print mode if necessary. Device information options for configuring 'host print transform' have been added to the TN5250 configuration.

Enhanced VIP7800 Capture mode

The File=>Capture functionality has been enhanced in VIP7800 mode to insert CRLF when the host changes line by cursor positioning commands.

Quality of Service (QoS)

A Quality of Service (QoS) option is added to allow you to select any of the QOS templates available on the workstation.

Script enhancements

The following new commands and variables are available:

  • EXTRACT extracts a numbered parameter from a delimited string
  • FIND finds a specified string in the screen
  • REPLACE replaces occurrences of one string with another
  • SET ALTERNATE sets the alternate server name
  • SET TRCWIN controls display of the extra script debugging window
  • TRACE enhanced to only show script trace window when TRACE is executed
  • TRIM strips leading and/or trailing spaces and control characters
  • $CFGCHANGED Indicates if the current configuration has been modified
  • $FNDX Used with FIND, returns column of string found
  • $FNDY Used with FIND, returns row of string found
  • $GLCFG Name of GLINK configuration directory

Command line options

/LB dnsname1,dnsname2

Supplies a DNS name list of the Glink license backup servers.

FTP improvements

File info tips

When hovering the mouse over a filename, they display more detailed information about the file including the actual LIST text returned by the FTP server.

Recursive directory upload and download

You can now select a directory for upload or download with GlinkFTP.

Symbolic files and directories

GlinkFTP now distinguishes between symbolic files and directories.

Filename conversion options

GlinkFTP can: convert between spaces and underscore, convert to upper case, convert to lower case or capitalize the name. It can also replace the extension automatically when transferring the file.

Create directory

A menu option for creating directories has been added.

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