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Glink, Standard Edition 6.2.1 is available

Glink Standard Edition, update 6.2.1 is now available. Your local distributor can download it for installation on production sites. This update is available free of charge to customers with a service contract. Customers with no service contract must purchase a license upgrade.

The production 6.2.0 was released on May 16th, and there have been very few error reports. Our prime motivation for this update is a security change needed by one customer to remove the possibility for their users to save their passwords in the Ggate interactive dialog box.

Release number

This release is primarily a maintenance release that corrects errors detected in the original 6.2.0 release.
The details of errors corrected are documented in the known error pages of our web server, and are listed in the announcement for our technical list.

New feature

Option to disable saving DIWS/DSA login user ID and password lists.

Due to popular request we have added an option to disable the 6.2.0 feature of saving user IDs and passwords in the interactive Ggate DIWS/DSA login dialog box (which handy feature was added in R6.2.0 by popular request.......).
This configuration option can only be modified by the CFIX script command. To set this option you can run the command from:

File->Script command:

CFIX 3207 2

Remember that you will then need to resave the Glink config file.
Details on the Config byte offset 3207 are:

^$01 Inhibits changing any of the security options
^$02 Inhibits saving DIWS/DSA login user ID and password lists

Combining the two bits using CFIX 3207 3 will disable the possibility of remodifying any of the security bytes (3207-3214), so if you use this, remember to keep a private backup of the configuration file without the CFIX before you save it.

See also Release 6.2.0

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